Ski the Cog – A Short Tale of Skiing Mount Washington

Ski Mount Washington

I love to ski. My friends will tell you that if they can’t find me, chances are im on a local ski slope (this authors recent favorite is Attitash Ski Resort) That said, there is something beautiful and natural about skiing down Mount Washington, a experience not everyone can get!


We drove to the Base Station at the Mount Washington Cog Railway and paid the $10 parking fee. The Mt Washington Cog Railway actually has a great page dedicated to skiing the Cog! We saw a lot of our fellow skiers getting geared up and ready to start their hike up! That’s a part of the journey, the hike up. Not only is it physically challenging, it’s extremely rewarding seeing views that most people can’t see – especially covered in a beautiful winter snow!

Skiing Mount Washington - the Hike up to Jacobs

Skiing Mount Washington – the Hike up to Jacobs

Hiking Up

Like I said, exhausting but TOTALLY worth it! Once we got up around Jacob’s Ladder we examined our surroundings. Skiing Mount Washington is something only a select few are able to do, so we made sure to appreciate that we were blessed enough to experience this. It took us about 2 hours to hike up to our final destination. We took the Ammonoosuc Trail up and crossed over to the Cog Tracks.

Skiing Mount Washington - Jay Get's Ready to Descent

Skiing Mount Washington – Jay Get’s Ready to Descent

The Ski Down!

Alas, the moment we’ve all been waiting for, the descent down! Jay and myself began our descent down and it was a blast. Beautiful vistas and some of the best powder you can get (it’s fresh!) joined us on our trip down. Where else can you get such natural trails like this?

Be Prepared!

The biggest thing I want to stress to you my dear readers, is MAKE SURE YOU ARE PREPARED! This isn’t like going up a ski lift and riding down a Green; this is the REAL DEAL! Make sure you’re a expert skier and have the correct winter gear (HELMET IS A MUST) including clothing and spikes or snowshoes. There are times in the year where you don’t have to use these, but it’s better to have them and be safe than to not have them and have driven all the way only to have to go back!

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